Part 26 – 5 Ways to Make Your Business Travel Bearable


As an MVS (Minimally Viable Startup) you’ll be traveling a lot to either promote your business or to deliver services.  Here are 5 ways to maintain your health and sanity while on a business trip.

1 – Pack light

The lighter you can pack, the better. This is probably the most important thing I’ve learned over the years of business traveling I’ve done. Pack only what you need, not what you think you’ll need. This has several benefits.

You’ll get through security faster. You’ll move faster through airports and hotels. You won’t have to wait for luggage (that may have been lost).  And not least, you’ll have more energy at the end, especially if you’re feeling under the weather while flying.

If you need business materials, have them shipped ahead of time. You can always buy personal things locally if needed. Ship them back if needed. Doing so will allow you to just have a carryon.

2 – Drink lots of water.

You need to stay hydrated.  While traveling you tend to be distracted from your health in general and drinking enough fluids in particular.  Drinking water will keep you from feeling fatigued and will reduce the effects of jet-lag.  Try to drink more water on long flights and stay away from sugary drinks and alcohol.

3 – Maintain your eating habits

It’s fine to have a  big meal while traveling.  In fact, I recommend it as a way of unwinding and pretending to be on vacation.  However, you don’t want to do this every meal. If you’re on a diet, you need to be more vigilant.  Overeating, or eating in an unhealthy manner while on the road, will slow you down and may cause you to feel depressed after breaking your diet.

4 – Sleep

Sleep on the plane if you can.  Sleep or nap at the hotel after you arrive.  Even if jet-lag is not an issue, sleep will reset your energy levels and you mental focus. Also, don’t go out partying late at night. You need to be fresh for work the next day. Also, after a noisy plane quiet will calm you down.

5 – Make time

If you’re the kind of person who is always rushing to catch a flight at the last moment, you need to arrive an hour or two earlier.  This will reduce mental and physical stress.  You can get to the airport in plenty of time and can sit down and relax with a cup of tea or coffee.  Browse the shops, or read a book.  Don’t do work while at the airport or on the plane.  Doing so, is a sign you’ve mismanaged your time and are playing catch up. Make time for yourself once you arrive.  See some sights, relax in the pool, or just take a walk. Make the trip enjoyable for you, not for your business.  This will let you focus on work when you need to.

Being on the road may always be a hassle, but you can change your perspective on how you deal with it to make it tolerable.


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