Part 37 – Five Reasons To Quit Your Job And Work For Yourself


Most people are afraid to take the plunge and quit their job. Fear of losing a steady and somewhat guaranteed income is probably at the top of the list of reasons. Here are five reasons to help alleviate the fear and why you should work for yourself.

1 – Follow Your Dreams Not Someone Else’s

When you work for yourself, you get to set the goals, deadlines, and process. We have all worked for someone and said, “I can do a better job.”  Working for yourself lets you prove you can. If you have a vision few companies will let you follow yours over theirs. Starting your own business lets you set the rules and move your own priorities to the top of the list.

2 – Leave the Corporate Machine

A lot of people hate being trapped in the cubicle world where the corporation takes priority over the individual. Starting your own business immediately flattens the management structure and you can start with a small, more personal, and interactive environment. If you are a “people person” leaving your company may be a good way to get back to what matters to you.

3 – Learn to run a business

One of the best ways to learn something is by doing it yourself. When you are working for a company, you rarely get to see what goes on in the upper echelons unless you are already part of the structure. By starting your own business you may be thrown into deep end of the pool, so to speak, but you will learn fast. The satisfaction  in being able to succeed on your own will soon overcome the fear.

4 – Get Out of Your Rut.

Nowadays there are few real chances to rise in the ranks of a corporation. People tend to move laterally rather than upward. So if you have been employed for any length of time you have been doing the same thing for a long time and are set in your own ways. Leaving your job and starting your own business are a good way to take your expertise into a different arena. It is also a good way to try something completely different.

5 – Money Isn’t Everything and You Can Always Get Another Job.

As I mentioned money is usually the primary reason why people don’t quit their job. The reality is, if you fail in starting your own business, you can always find another job. It won’t be the end of the world. True, a steady or comparable income may be difficult to get again, but it can be done.

Leaving your steady job in order to start your own business may be stressful, but will you regret not trying? If the answer yes, you need to seriously consider doing so.


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