Part 38 – Five Ways To Deal With The Snow And Start A Business


[This post is somewhat serious.  The point is, try to look at problems in a different way to find solutions you may not normally consider.]

A lot of our country is in the grips of winter and multiple snow storms.  Many of us are bemoaning the cold and piles of snow (with more on the way).  Some cities are trying to figure out what to do with those piles.

1 – Melt It

Snow takes up more space than snow and ice.  Start a snow melting business.  You’ll have to deal with the water, but you could filter,or distill and bottle it, to sell it for non-potable uses. Sell the recovered salts back to the city.

The west coast is in the grips of a major drought. This would have a secondary benefit of alleviating the flooding that comes with snow melt off. They might welcome water for agricultural uses.  A further enhancement to melting may be to evaporate it.  Use the steam to power something, or sell the power.

2 – Compact It

Speaking of ice, you could take snow, compress it and create ice to store perishable foods in what used to be known as “ice boxes”.  If nothing else compressing snow would reduce the amount of space snow occupies. Compressed snow bricks could be used to build temporary structures such as the hotels built from ice.

3 – Promote It 

Create the world’s largest snow-person or snow maze and charge admission as a tourist attraction.

4 – Use it to make beer or candy

Both beer and candy making require rapid cooling.  Use the snow to cool your wort or harden your candy.  NOTE: You shouldn’t use snow as an ingredient.

5 – Sell It

Someone is actually doing this on eBay.  Pack up the snow in insulated containers and sell it to people who want it for parties, or souveniers.  People are buying.


So, you’ve been handed lemons (or snow), make lemonade (or Italian water ice).  And remember the snow when you are complaining about the heat of summer.



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