Part 39 – Five Easy Ways to Improve Quality


It doesn’t matter what sort of business you are in. The quality you provide is always a key selling point and one reason your clients and customers will come back.  Quality is a differentiator. Here are five ways anyone can improve the quality of their product.

1 – Don’t Assume Someone Else Will Fix Quality Problems

If you discover a quality issue, it becomes your problem and responsibility to deal with. If you can, fix the issue yourself.  If you’re in a large or complex environment, it is your responsibility to make others aware of the problem. However, when possible, fix it yourself.

2 – Don’t Defer Fixing Quality Problems

If you detect a quality issue, don’t put off fixing it.  Doing so may lead to bad products leaving your business. Deferring quality issues in project environments may cause the problem to be forgotten or overlooked.  Solving a problem immediately allows the benefits of the fix to trickle down the process chain. Quality problems are never minor.

3 – Take Your Time Fixing Quality Problems

Your instincts regarding how to fix an issue are probably correct..  However, you should take your time and think through what you are going to do and take your time in doing it.  Fixing one problem may cause new ones. Think about each step of the fix and the possible consequences of that step.  Fixing a problem is a process, not an immediate miracle.

4 – Be Positive About Fixing Quality Problems

Looking for problems shouldn’t be depressing or frustrating.  It’s just a fact of every business. There are always quality issues and quality can always be improved.  If you detect a problem, it is not a personal attack on you or your company. When you detect a problem, come up with a solution and get feedback from others about the fix before you implement it. Don’t compound the problem by being too close to it; you need objectivity.

5 – Document Fixing Quality Problems

It is important you document the problem and the fix.  This not only raises awareness to your management and coworkers but can also act as documentation in case the problem reoccurs Don’t reinvent a successful fix.


Quality is easy to overlook in the heat of pushing a new product out. Being Lean and delivering frequently doesn’t mean you skimp on improving quality.  To every customer and client, quality is always an implicit requirement.



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