Part 46 – Five Ways To Know You Have An Optimistic Business


Having an optimistic business is as important as being personally optimistic. How can a business be optimistic? And why does it matter

1 – Your business is open to change.

A business that is not open to change is probably stuck in a rut. It is will probably have bored and disgruntled employees who have been doing the same thing for a long time. Placing a horse collar on your business places a horse collar on your employees. Today if you are not open and willing to change you will lag behind your competition. An optimistic business believes in the future.

2 – Your business promotes diversity.

Optimism is about hope. You need to give people who work for you as well as those who may want to, hope. If you deny people employment or your product, you are denying hope. This will also affect the attitudes and optimism of your employees. An optimistic company sees value in individuals.

3 – Treat customers and clients as people not as a revenue source.

First, a distinction. Customers buy things. Clients use your services. You need to be aware of this semantic difference. It may seem trivial, but it sets a tone and perspective as well as expectations when you deal with your audience.

Regardless of whether you have customers, clients, or both, you need to treat them all as people who have issues and they have come to you for help. If you perceive them primarily as a means to getting more sales, your business is not optimistic. Help first, sell later. An optimistic business solves problems, a pessimistic one is worried about money.

4 – Treat employees as people not as resources to be managed.

You manage projects, you empower people. A business that is not optimistic treats their employees as assembly line widgets to be slotted and used. An optimistic one allows employees to contribute to key decisions and grow. The word “grow” means more than just getting better at what you do; it also means learning to do things you don’t normally do. Employees who are treated as people are happier and appreciated. They are optimistic.

5 – Contribute and support your community.

You do not have an optimistic company if you are isolated and out-of-touch with the larger world.  An optimistic one donates time, money, people, or a combination to both the business community as well as the local and larger world around it.

An optimistic company sees value in encouraging optimism in others. A pessimistic one sees value in itself. Which is yours?


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