Part 48 – Five Reasons You Need A Company Evangelist


Your company needs a good evangelist, a person who can help build support and believers in your company and product line. In some situations a good evangelist is better than a sales force.  An evangelist, first and foremost, needs to be a believer in your company and your products. The passion a good evangelist has can be transferred to your customers and potential  customers.  An evangelist can find new supporters, and followers, in addition to new customers.

Here are five reasons you should consider employing an evangelist.

1 – Focus on promoting, not selling

A company evangelist’s role is to promote your company, and their primary tools are knowledge and passion.  You can consider an evangelist a one-person promotions team.  They are compensated by salary rather than by commission, since the goal is not to close deals but transfer information and build loyalty. This reduces any potential  for conflict of interest.

A good company evangelist needs passion and knowledge.

2 – Cheaper and more personal than a promotions or marketing team.

An evangelist costs less due to the numbers employed.  A promotions team normally doesn’t have face-time with customers at the individual level. A marketing team usually deals with abstracted data coming from focus groups and market studies. If you’re a small startup, having an evangelist early may make more sense and be more cost effective than having a marketing team.

An evangelist, on the other hand, spends time with people, speaking, answering questions, and can judge the mood and desires of those the evangelist encounters.

A good company evangelist spends time with people and is a good speaker

3 – Can be targeted

A good evangelist can be targeted to resolve issues or bring back information needed elsewhere in the company. Bringing an evangelist in to defuse a critical customer situation can sometimes be helpful, since they are often seen as more objective than the salesperson or company management that are involve at a day to day level.

A good company evangelist needs to be a good listener.

4 – Is Visible

A company evangelist is more visible than a sales team, and can be deployed faster than a marketing campaign. An evangelist can also be partly responsible for ensuring the company remains visible during periods when there is little news by speaking at conferences, and user groups. They keep your company in the customer’s mind in a way a salesperson may not be able to.

A good company evangelist needs to be available.

5 – Can be the face of your company

On occasion a company evangelist can stand in for you at functions and presentations when you are unable to. This allows you to be represented by someone who understands you and your company’s priorities. An evangelist can also act as a spokesperson. Sometimes an evangelist is more personable than your upper managers.

A good company evangelist understands the company vision and direction.

An evangelist may not solve all of your problems. However, an evangelist can be used in ways managers, sales, or marketing cannot.  A good company evangelist allows your company to be more flexible and open.




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